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An important piece on dental hypersensetivity.

What will you do if you have found patient with av

Benefits of Electric Vs Manual toothbrush





embryological defect


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The Wolisso Project

IVP project

Voluntary project

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Second Assembly


First Assembly

World Oral Health Day WOH

Elementary school Dental

WOHD first round of 2021

Third Assembly



The Ethiopian Dental Professionals' Association, a voice of dental professionals in Ethiopia, was founded in 1992 G.C by virtue of gathering all dental professionals having relation with dental medicine under one association, so as to keep professional respect and ethics, and rights to expand the oral helath care service and scientific research in Ethiopia



Official member and partner of African Dental Students Associatiom


GIV Society Ethiopia is a non profit organization that aims to develope the culture of volunteerism in Ethiopia It also works on combating different social challenges It is currently engaged on hosting free medical service events for homeless people EDSAEthiopia is delighted to be partner with GIV Society Ethiopia

Dentose Chamo Trading P.L.C

Dental Materials Importer and Distributer


ECHAlliance is the Global Health Connector for Digital Health facilitating multistakeholder connections around ecosystems driving sustainable change and disruption in the delivery of health and social care

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    EDSA has followers across different social media platforms you can check us out in most of them

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    Licence and legalization are final for EDSA.

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    Joined IADS officially and planning to work together.

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    Second Assembly was held in March and new workforces were recruited

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    We hosted the 3rd AfroDSA meeting here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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    Has stronger relations with various International and local associations including

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    AfriHealth TV express their appreciation by giving us a certificate to EDSA-Ethiopia for our voluntary work on free medical checkup for elderly patients in 2018


Executive Committee

Dr. Mandia A. Duressa


Redeat Zeryhun

Vice President of Internal Aff

Dr. Betelihem Birhane

Vice President of External Aff

Suad Abdurazak

General Secretary

Abenezer Bulbula


Dr. Ezedin Mohammed

Chief Editor

Standing Committee

Lina Omer

Voluntary Officer

Soliana Solomon

Scientific and Research Office

Maheder Gared

Fundraising Officer

Admasu Yano

Prophylaxis Officer

Iman Kedir

Training Officer


Dr. Hindia Mohammed

Dr. Kemer Kedir

Dr. Bethlehem T. Derese

Dr. Abdela Oumer

Other Founding member

Dr. Nebil Asfir

Other Founding member

Dr. Frehiwot Ajeme

Other Founding member

Dr. Aot G/Kidan

Other Founding members

Dr. Leulseged

Other Founding member

Dr. Dereje Asfaw

Other Founding member

About Us

EDSA-Ethiopia is an independent, non-profit, non-political and non-religious association of dental students in Ethiopia. The association pursues its aims without political, religious, social, national, sexual or any other discriminations by establishing and developing close relations with academic authorities, Students Union, professional and other associations. The association promotes humanitarian ideals among dental students and so seeks to contribute to the creation of responsible future dentists. With objectives of, providing a means by which students may participate in and communicate with the Dental students found in Different Public and private universities of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Dental professional Association (EDPA), and Other local and international association and To serve as a forum and network with dental students and health care professionals worldwide to advance both national and global dental health and to create a platform for the formulation & exchange of students’ thoughts, proposals & innovations. To similarly promote and participate in community activities and contribute to charitable organizations that serve to increase access to dental care or enhance general health in populations.

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