What’s is periodontitis Periodontitis is a serious infection of the gums it’s caused by bacteria that have been allowed to accumulate on bone and teeth. As periodontitis progresses your bones and teeth can be damage .However, if periodontitis is treated early and proper oral hygiene is maintained,the damages can be stopped. What are the stage of periodontitis? Periodontitis start as inflammation and gets worse over time. *Inflammation (gingivitis) Periodontitis begin with inflammation in gum know as of the first signs of gingivitis is that your gum will bleed or floss your teeth. *Early periodontal diseases In the early stage of periodontitis gums recede or pull away from teeth and small pockets from between gums and teeth . The pockets harbor harmful bacteria.likely experience bleeding during brushing. *Moderate periodontal diseases If left progress to moderate periodontal diseases,you might experience bleeding and pain around the teeth and gum recession. *Advanced periodontal diseases In advance diseases the connective tissue that holds teeth in place begins to deteriorate. The gum bone and other tissue that supports teeth are deteriorate. Symptoms of periodontitis The symptoms depend on the the stage of disease, but generally includes: •Gum that bleed when brush teeth or floss •bad breath •changes in the position of teeth or loose teeth. •receding gums •red,tender,or swollen gums •building of plaque or tartar in teeth •pain when chewing •tooth loss •foul taste in mouth •inflammation responses throughout body What causes periodontitis? Healthy people normally have hundreds of different bacteria in their mouth. Most of them are completely harmless. When teeth properly clean each day , the bacteria grow and build up on teeth. Periodontitis is typically caused by poor dental hygiene. 1. The bacteria in mouth multiply and form a substance know as dental plaque. 2. If don’t remove the plaque by brushing,which wi