IVP project


The project was held by IADS and EDSA-Ethiopia, cooperating with AFRODSA, which members from these parties can apply and participate. IADS managed to find Humble Smile Foundation to support the program by providing free tooth-brushes. The project was held from Jan 16, 2020, it lasted 2 weeks. The total number of participants were 34 including 7 LOC, 10 IADS Volunteer, 2 AFRODSA volunteers and 15 local volunteers. Among the international volunteers 4 of them were professional dentists and the rest were 3rd year students and above. Achievements and benefits from the program: patients treated 100. Week 1: 43 cases were treated (2filling,22 extraction, 19 scaling) Weeks 2: 57 cases were treated (23extraction, 34 scaling)